Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burgers

Posted on Jun 1st, 2010 by Jamie • 

Bucking the trend of most store-brand veggie burgers being boring clones of other veggie burgers, Trader Joe's blazes a new trail with their Indian-inspired Vegetable Masala Burgers.

The Vegetable Masala patties are not your usual alt-meat fare. First off, they're not soy- or brown rice-based; they're potato-based. And they're made with Indian spices (ginger, turmeric, and mustard seeds) which provides a very unique flavor.

The patties just have a good look to them as well. A lot of veggie burgers clearly look like something "processed," but the Masala burgers resemble something you'd make in the kitchen at home.

Best of all, however, is that they're just plain good. Trader Joe's has made a truly unique and truly tasty alt-meat burger.

Oh, did I forget to mention that they're vegan, too? That's right. Finally! A good vegan alt-meat burger!

I get these almost every trip to Trader Joe's and so should you. Let's make sure Trader Joe's never discontinues them!

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Veg Hunter2819 days ago
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keep up the great work!
Jaime 2756 days ago
Oh my goodness! These burgers are seriously, ridiculously, fabulously YUMMY!

I am not vegetarian or vegan, but I do eat more vegetarian meals. This is a GREAT blog!
Olivia2548 days ago
I LOVE TJ's masala veggie burgers!! I'm seriously loving your blog too; so much useful information on here! Thanks:)
Marz2047 days ago
This is my new obsession. I eat them with rice instead of an actual burger. I love the spicy flavors. Great blog = )

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