Boca's Grilled Vegetable burger

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2007 by Jamie • 
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Boca's Grilled Vegetable burger is fairly edible. It comes infused with little chunks of the traditional peppers and corn, but they're not overpowering like they are in some veggie burgers. The overall taste of this alt-burger leaves a little to be desired, but the fake "grilled" taste is better than some. And, of course, it comes with it's own pre-grilled grill marks:

I microwaved a patty, topped it with a piece of good ol' American cheese, added a few basic condiments (ketchup, yellow mustard and romaine), and it was decent. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to buy these again, but I certainly wouldn't starve if this was the only thing I had left in the freezer.

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Corrine3691 days ago
My mom bought these for me and I have to say, I wasn't impressed with the flavor but that was much better than the heartburn I wound up getting from this. Literally 24 hours of AGONY that no amount of rolaids could alleviate. Thumbs DOWN...
Roxie3608 days ago
The only store where I live doesn't have the flame broiled anymore. I'ts very irritating because that is the best one as far as I'm concerend. I wish when they have a good product they would just leave it alone. Have been looking for flame broiled boca burger but havent had any luck. That's why I'm looking on the internet.
Ryann3606 days ago
The Flame Broiled are still availible, just perhaps not in your area. It's also good to try various spices, etc. on Boca Burgers if you're finding it to be a bit too plain.

I enjoy the various brands/flavors I've tried. I've never looked for something 100% comparable to a hamburger as I was never much a fan of meat in the first place. The various flavors, etc. that Boca provides is enough to keep things interesting for me.

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