Lightlife's Smart BBQ veggie protein

Posted on Feb 2nd, 2010 by Jamie • 
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Lightlife's Smart BBQ "heat and eat" pouch of veggie protein is an attempt to mimic barbecued pulled pork. I say "attempted" because it falls short.

The easiest thing about mimicking barbecue is the sauce, and Lightlife did an okay job. They could have done better.

Where Lightlife could have done a much better job is texture. What you think you're getting by looking at the packaging is something similar to the texture of pork. What you actually get (as seen in the picture below) is a pile of amorphous slop. If you had a big enough straw, you could probably drink this stuff. Not very appealing.

I've had great BBQ alt-pork sandwiches made with seitan, so I know what is possible. Lightlife needs a lot of improvement.

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Blake2355 days ago
tru gardien'd pulled pork! it's the bees knees
Julie2098 days ago
I agree, the texture is gross. The taste is great, but i can only assume that the texture is so nasty because they tried to mimic the grisly/fatty grossness of beef. It's FAR to realistic and I can't eat it - I've tried twice because I really like the taste. If they improve the texture, I'll eat it - a lot!

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