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Posted on Jan 10th, 2009 by Jamie • 
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It's hard to find a "naked" alt-chicken cutlet/patty that doesn't rely on its breading for its flavor. Gardenburger's Chik'n Grill patties rocket past anything else I've had to date, however, and take their place on the throne as the King of Cutlets.

I fried a patty in olive oil for 5-10 mins and slapped it on a whole wheat bun with a little cheese. I'm not sure of the voodoo behind it, but pan-frying these patties results in a taste and texture very similar to a real pan-fried chicken cutlet. I didn't even need any condiments. The patty was moist and delicious enough on its own.

I just can't say enough about these alt-chicken patties. What Morningstar's Cheddar Grillers are to alt-beef, the Chik'n Grills are to alt-chicken. If you see these patties in a store, buy them without hesitation.

I'm a little nervous, however, because I can't find them on Gardenburger's website. I'm really hoping that doesn't mean that they've been discontinued. I have an email in to Gardenburger, and I'll update this review if/when Gardenburger responds.

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Jenn3230 days ago
Any word back from GB? I love these as well, and didn't see them on the site either so I'd be sad if they discontinued these!
Jamie Tibbetts3230 days ago

I never heard back from Gardenburger, and I have not seen them at the store lately. :(
Echo3172 days ago
It's actually under their "Garden Variety" product line. It is still available at some Krogers however, last summer I heard they may be discontinuing the item. It seems like an odd product to discontinue since it is one of their best sellers. Some stores have a difficult time keeping up with the demand for them.
Jamie Tibbetts3172 days ago

Thanks for the heads up about the Chik'n Grills finally showing up on Gardenburger's website. At least they haven't been discontinued yet it appears.

Unfortunately, the nearest Kroger is 60 miles away for me. :(

I still keep an eye out for them wherever I go, however.
Jennifer Hartley3147 days ago
Sadly, I went to Wegman's today, and the Gardenburger Chik'n Grill was on sale because they're being discontinued :-(
HTF3097 days ago
The authors of Skinny Bitch have raved about these. I hope they are not going to be discontinued??!! I saw them at Whole Foods yesterday. The Gardenburger BBQ Riblets are to die for as well, I mean we're talking freaking close to the real thing!
karen3082 days ago
I have been having trouble finding them here in Houston as well- except at the Whole Foods but they are pretty far away from me. If they discontinue them, I will buy the Kworn chicken products instead- they are very good as well- although they warn about possible gastrointestinal issues with this product. I never had any myself, but some have.
maggie3070 days ago

Discontinued Products

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The products listed below have been discontinued.

* Gardenburger® Gourmet Hula
* Gardenburger® Gourmet Tuscany
* Gardenburger® Black Bean Chipotle Wrap
* Gardenburger® BBQ Riblets
* Gardenburger® Chik'n Grill
* Gardenburger® Mama Mia Meatballs
Erin B.3060 days ago
* Gardenburger® Chik'n Grill

Totally BUMMED. Do you think if enough people bombarded them with angry emails, they would bring them back?
V.S3046 days ago
I'm absolutely saddened and angry that I can't find these in these the store anymore. I used to buy the chik'n grill by the boxes when I could. If I had known they were being discontinued I would have bought them all when I had the chance. Any word on why they were being discontinued. I loved them!
kim3040 days ago
Look for the Chik'n Grill and BBQ Riblets under the Morningstar Farms brand now. Both MF and GB are owned by Kellogg's, and it appears they're switching up the product lines.
katie2976 days ago
Can anyone confirm kim's comment? Are the products out under MF label yet? I have been missing Chik'n Grills for months!!!!
katie2976 days ago
perhaps these: ?
Erin B.2956 days ago
Yep, those are it Katie.

They are just as delicious as before. My tummy is very happy to have them back :D
Erika V. 2936 days ago
I also wrote to Gardenburger, so far they have not replied. And you are absolutely right. These burgers are delicious!!!!!
Luke2902 days ago
Thank you, Kim!!!!!!! :-) I love those things. My partner pointed out how amazingly low in calories they are also.
JENNIFER C.2835 days ago

Thank you for contacting us regarding {b\ Gardenburger® Chik'n Grill. It’s
always great to hear from consumers who are trying to find our products because
it lets us know how much you enjoy them.

We are sorry to tell you that this product was discontinued. We understand that
you enjoyed {b\ Gardenburger® Chik'n Grill, but unfortunately, stores only want
to stock the fastest moving products. If the stores start to discontinue an
item, we find we cannot produce the smaller volumes the business demands. It is
always difficult for us to make the decision to discontinue a product, as we
know it is always someone's favorite. At this time, there are no plans to
reintroduce it.

We know that it will be hard to find a replacement, but we are always developing
new products so we are sure that you will soon find another favorite! We
suggest trying Morningstar Farms® Grillers® Chik'n Veggie Patties and are
sending you a coupon to use towards the purchase. Please allow 7-10 business
days for delivery.

Please be assured that your wish to have this product back on store shelves has
been shared with the appropriate department. We appreciate your interest and
loyalty to our brands and trust that we will continue to meet your needs for
many years to come.


Alejandra Valencia
Consumer Affairs Department

Jen2807 days ago
LOVE This sad.
The Captain2697 days ago
I work for Gardenburger. Yes it's confirmed. All the "meat only" like products are now made under the Morningstar brand. Same formula, different brand. Thanks for enjoying our wonderful products!
Kera2756 days ago
SO sad. I am still mourning the loss of this product. Gardein is great, but they still don't have a patty. The Boca patty is awesome, but it's breaded. This was a great product--nothing else is like it. And VEGAN!!!
Jamie Tibbetts2391 days ago
These actually do exist still, but under the Morningstar label.
Linda2128 days ago
Well, I'm late on this subject but have been wondering what happened to Gardenburger's stuff. It can't be true that the alt-meat products simply have been labeld Morningstar Farms. I used to LOVE Gardenburger's BBQ Riblets and since I couldn't find them I bought Morningstar Farms vegan riblets. I ate some less than a week ago and it was awful. It was like eating alt-meat with pancake syrup with some ketchup mixed in. The sauce was the worst BBQ I've ever tasted. Ugh. Nothing like Gardenburger's Riblets. Looks like all Gardenburger has now are some veggie burgers, which is very disappointing, since there are a million varieties of veg. burgers out there already. Boo hoo, very upset.
Christine Blakely1986 days ago
I am also disappointed that Gardenburger discontinued the Mama Mia meatballs.

I think Gardenburger does a terrible job of marketing their products. You never see a demo person for their items in whole foods, any of the discount clubs or Fresh market etc.. and I have never even seen a tv commercial for their products!!

Come on! of course the items become unpopular and eventually discontinued. Word of mouth is the only way I ever found them in the first place, and that is not a reliable way to market any product!

Bring them back, and market them! Although many products they make are good, Morningstar Farms recently came out with their version of meatless meatballs - and they are inedible! Even with tons of sauce, blech!

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