Lightlife's Smart Jumbo Dogs

Posted on Dec 15th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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Hot dogs aren't really one of those "meat" foods that I miss terribly, but I do get a hankerin' for one occasionally. Unfortunately, Lightlife's Smart Jumbo Dogs don't do much to fill that void.

The taste of these alt-dogs are okay I guess, but the texture just kills it for me. Real hot dogs have a crisp bite to them and give you something to chew on. Lightlife's Smart Jumbo Dogs are like eating bean paste. In fact, while eating these dogs, it was hard to tell where the dog ended and the bun began.

These just weren't enjoyable to eat. So if you're looking for a good alt-hot dog, look elsewhere.

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Lelly3227 days ago
I've never seen the jumbo smart dogs, but I find smart dogs to be a decent enough summer time solution for barbeques and camping. Perhaps I don't notice the poor comparison to hot dogs as I haven't had one in over ten years.. but I think they're pretty good, especially cut up and served in one pan as hot dogs and beans.
Suzanne2478 days ago
It's fascinating how we all have such different tastes. I'm not American, so have set ideas about what "a real American hot dog" should taste like - my experiences of the huge hot dogs topped with onions and relish and so on don't really appeal to me. However, I grew up with boiled Wiener/ Frankfurter sausages, served with tomato sauce/ ketchup as an occasional treat, and I've found that these are a fantastic, low fat substitute for the real thing. Admittedly, they don't have that firm outer "skin", but the taste and even the texture are great for me!

Thanks for writing so many interesting reviews though. I've enjoyed them.

Suzanne2478 days ago
Whoops - meant "no set ideas"...
Tom2477 days ago
I love these, and have cooked them in several different ways, and have found that a great way to get a crisp outer "skin" is by cooking them under the broiler and slightly overcooking them, until you notice some browning/"bubbling" of the skin. This will give you something close to the classic.
Louise Bergen2390 days ago
Sorry - these were absolutely the worst tasting "hot dogs" that we ever had. The taste was dominated by the artificial smoke flavoring and they were mushy to boot. After a few bites we could not eat them. At $5.00 for five dogs, I wish I had my money back.
rtrete2265 days ago
are they supposed to be sticky and slimy on the outside? i cant figure it out
Stacy2243 days ago
My boyfriend just recently became a vegetarian, so I'm trying to be creative with the things I cook for him. I made these smart dogs and spread tomato and basil hummus on the bun and he loved them!
Kim Kennedy2019 days ago
I agree with your review completely. I just tried these for the first time yesterday and I wish I could have my $3.99 back! They are horrible! Yuk!!!
leigh1669 days ago
These are really good if you make them the right way! Grill or pan, any other way there going to be grossly soft.
steve colley859 days ago
fine with sauerkraut boiled in a skillet with sauerkraut and a little water. I like hebrew nationals better but they are not as good for you. These are second best and ok but still will go for the nationals once in a while

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