Trader Joe's Breaded Chickenless Nuggets

Posted on Nov 13th, 2008 by Jamie • 

Trader Joe's Breaded Chickenless Nuggets are about as original as their name - not very. But that's not a bad thing when it comes to alt-chicken nuggets. For some reason, it seems to be very easy to make really good alt-chicken nuggets, and Trader Joe's doesn't buck the trend.

I popped a handful of nuggets in the toaster oven for 15-20 minutes, and they turned out perfect. The breaded crust was slightly crispy, and the texture and taste were both very close to real nuggets. You're not going to get the taste and texture of high quality all-white meat nuggets, but you'll definitely get nuggets that are a step above most fast food nuggets.

I wouldn't hesitate to get these again.

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Nova2664 days ago
I've seen these by the MorningStar Buffalo Wings, I think I might get them, but it doesn't have as much vitamins as MorningStar Buffalo Wings does.
Lisa2637 days ago
I loved these! Was skeptical how much they'd actually taste like the real thing but I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be getting these again. I love them dipped in hot wings sauce :)
Joanna2330 days ago
This is the worst brand of vegetarian chicken nuggest I've tried yet. Do yourself a favor and get the Quorn brand chicken nuggets!
Amy2326 days ago
YUM! Crispier than regular chicken nuggets. There isn't a whole lot of flavor, so make sure to have hot sauce or bbq sauce handy.
Shaun2018 days ago
I usually stay away from products like this. But I was surprised. They task pretty good. And, 4 pieces at 130 calories, 12 grams of protein & 15 grams of carbs makes this product a good snack option.
Cali1926 days ago
Is this product discontinued?

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