Lightlife's Italian-style Smart Sausages

Posted on Nov 11th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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In my quest to find really good alt-Italians, I came across Lightlife's Smart Italians, and while they're not perfect, they are the best I've had so far.

To mimic a real Italian sausage, you have to match the taste and unique texture. The Lightlife Smart Italians come closer in both areas than the Boca Italians. The spices are closer to actual Italian sausage-style spices, and the somewhat "chunky" texture is much closer to real Italians than the smooth texture that most alt-sausages have.

To cook mine, I just popped it in the microwave. There's probably not much to be gained from grilling or baking these.

(Ignore my really lame mustard application)

If you're in the mood for an alt-Italian sausage, Lightlife's Smart Italians are pretty darn good.

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David Gerstein3147 days ago
Agreed completely. I'm an omnivore who often goes veggie to stay healthier; and I can say from experience that these kill a meat craving completely, as well as being delicious in and of themselves.
The (newer?) chorizo variety is even better.
if there was such a thing as justice, these would be on sale forever.
Marvin Jacobs3137 days ago
Where can I buy Lightlife's meatless Italian sausage in San Diego, CA ?

Thank uou
RaVeN ChAoS3108 days ago
You should try out the Turtle Island Tofurkey ones, Italian and Polish yum
JoJo2924 days ago
Had some of these over the summer. Absolutely delicious, i think should be on 5 *****.
Rose Davis2894 days ago
Purchased a pack at Krogers..DELICIOUS! Going back today to buy another pack!
Gwen2104 days ago
These Italian sausages deserve 5 stars, and I would say yes, they are perfect! Better than Boca. Tofurkey Italian sausage is almost overly-spiced---but very good, even right out of the package. Smart Sausage must be cooked--and they are best done in a skillet (not microwaved!) as recommended. The only "chunky" (meat-like) part of the texture that is missing is yucky lumps of gristle!
Theodore Gifford1974 days ago
Yeah there is a lot to be gained from grilling these!
EJ1946 days ago
These are really good!
I have been following a plant-based diet (essentially healthy vegan) for 8 months now, and have tried very successfully to steer clear of much of the processed faux-meat. But my local Kroger had these on Manager Special for $.89 per pack (yes, really), so given that it is summer and they were super cheap, I splurged against my diet and got a couple of packs.
Absolutely delish! When I tried them (stovetop grilled) with a little mustard on a bun, all that was missing was a nice cold beer!
*****Five stars for sure.
EJ1946 days ago
Btw, I am aware they contain egg product, so are not vegan, which I do not technically consider myself (although 98% of my food is free from animal product). I allowed myself this grace.

Anyway, if you want a summertime or anytime splurge, get some!
Amybeth Hurst1087 days ago
I have used it in a wonderful pumpkin and rutabaga soup, and it brought the house down. I had thought I made too much, yet my guests ate every drop! Great product. Amybeth Hurst, Maine

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