Gardenburger's Flame Grilled burger is gray and tastes like it's gray

Posted on Jul 22nd, 2007 by Jamie • 
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Gardenburger has been making veggie burgers for a long time, but their attempt at a "flame grilled" burger is pretty bad. About the best thing I can say for this alt-burger is that its sickly pre-cooked gray color fades to a slightly more attractive brownish/gray after microwaving it. But it still never even remotely resembles the "beefy" looking picture on the front of the box.

Unfortunately, this alt-burger tastes like you'd expect a gray burger would. It's a very odd tasting burger with the very noticeable (and odd tasting) fake grilled flavor. Even with a slice of alt-cheese (Galaxy Nutritional Foods' Pepper Jack Cheese) and a healthy dose of ketchup and yellow mustard, this burger was pretty disappointing. I will not be buying these again.

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Andrew3798 days ago
but there are grill lines. it must be good!...
Maria3414 days ago
Wow, this was the last veggie burger I liked after trying pretty much all of them. I don't love them but I do like them the most. your blog! I hope it continues to grow and add more reviews because it's the only place 've found where consumers can get a non company opinion about faux meats (a growing market even among meat eaters).

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