Nate's Beef Style Taquitos

Posted on Jul 17th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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A simple law of food is that anything deep-fried is good, and Nate's Beef Style Taquitos don't disappoint. They look and taste like regular taquitos.

I cooked six of them in the toaster and drizzled a little salsa verde on them for a little extra zing. They were quite tasty. I didn't notice the lack of real beef at all. That's fairly easy to do with taco seasoning. And the tortilla and soy beans are organic.

The only drawback to these delicious treats is the nutrition. I glanced at the box and remarked at the pretty good numbers - especially given that they're fried. Then I noticed that the serving size is only *one* taquito. Ha! So my meal actually ended up containing 1260mg of sodium and 27g of fat (only 3g saturated).

So if you like Mexican food, don't hesitate getting Nate's Beef Style Taquitos. For your health's sake, however, do hesitate eating them too often.

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Andrew Tibbetts3471 days ago
i've had these taquitos and they certainly do keep the tastebuds on their toes (strange metaphor). they have a good mix of flavors. but ya, who is going to spend 12 minutes heating up ONE of these to realize that they are still quite hungry 12 seconds later when they're finished.
Casey Robertson3103 days ago
I just went vegan two days ago. I kept rereading the ingredients looking to see if it said chicken anywhere on the box because I honestly couldn't tell that it was made with soy meat. These will help me stay vegan.
Alexy3073 days ago
I love these things, however I've only tried the chicken style ones. I'll have to pick up the beef ones. Even my boyfriend liked these and he is not into fake meat (I originally got those for him thinking that they were real meat, he didn't even notice). However, i think that the soy cheese does have some milk product in it, so it's not completely vegan. I don't know why they bother with soy cheese if it's not going to be vegan. I may be wrong just check for yourself
Dani3028 days ago
These are one of my favorites, but I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE!!!!!! Anyone know where I can find them? I used to buy them from my whole foods, but they stopped buying them.
JoJo2957 days ago
These look good and like something I would try but haven't saw them on the shelf anywhere.
Sheila2897 days ago
Thanks for the heads up Alexy! I'm HIGHLY allergic (no, not lactose intollerant) to anything from a cow's udder. I also don't understand companies' reasoning behind using soy AND cow's milk products together. I've gotten quite sick a few times, because I didn't read closely enough & thought since I was eating something proclaiming SOY that I was safe. I've learned I hope. Thanks again.
Rae2628 days ago
I'm a vegetarian from Texas, and occasionally need a meat substitute product (as opposed to the fruits and vegetables that are better to eat if you're veggie or vegan). This is my favorite beef style food product, hands down. I like to smother it with Mexican style cheese and dip in salsa.
Elizabeth2435 days ago
You should try Starlite Cuisine true vegan taquitos instead. They rock!
Julie2381 days ago
I just paid $6 for a box of these yummy looking taquitos; what a colossal waste of money. Each taquito had less than a tablespoon of filling - they tasted overwhelmingly of corn, with little to no corn or beef flavor. Very disappointed, will not purchase again.
Julie2381 days ago
Oops! Meant "very little CHEESE or beef flavor".
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