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Posted on Jul 7th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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The memories of trying to eat the Boca Chili are fading... thankfully. This is the first item that I've reviewed that I didn't actually finish. I could only get about 80% of the way through the bowl before I threw in the towel. Boca Chili just isn't good.

Vegetarian chili is actually really easy to make, and it's easy to make it taste good. But somehow Boca made their chili's alt-meat bits rubbery, and they decided to drown out the taste of all the beans and veggies by dumping in way too much hot pepper. "Red Anaheim Pepper Puree" is third on the ingredient list behind "Water" and "Tomato Puree." I not only stopped eating the chili because it tasted bad - I stopped eating it because I couldn't taste anything anymore due to my tongue being on fire.

I did eat enough of the foul chili to get down to the bottom of the bowl, however. And that's where I discovered "the bubble." I've seen a lot of packaging that contains indentations or curves that fool you into thinking you're going to get more food than you do, but the Boca Chili bowl takes the cake. When you take the chili out of the microwave, you think you're getting a big bowl of chili. You soon realize that's not exactly the case when your spoon hits the bottom of the bowl a centimeter below the surface.

To top it off, this chili ain't cheap. $4 for a single serving of chili? Even if it was really good, that's a rip-off. And the only convenience you're paying extra for is the stupid plastic bowl. Do yourself a favor and make your own veggie chili, and you can have a full serving for a few pennies instead.

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violette3419 days ago
yikes..that really is a bubble. oh right - boca is owned by kraft, now i'm not surprised!
Lynette S. Carl3340 days ago
I live in Lexington Ky. I have tried all major grocery stores and health food stores and I cannot find Boca Chili in any of them anymore. I am beginning to wonder if you have stopped making it.
Daniel Jalkut3320 days ago
I was surprised to discover Hormel has a vegetarian canned chili that is not bad. It has texturized vegetable protein or something in it.

Obviously it's a lot cheaper than this Boca chili, only $1.49/can in my store, and you get "an honest can's worth." :)

Mary3230 days ago
I have to say, I love this chili! I respect everyone's opinion, but I can't get enough of it honestly--I could eat it all day long, every day. It's awesome! It's spicey and you can't tell it's fake at all. The Hormel does have a good veggie chili though that's in the can, but it has more preservatives and sodium...just a observation. I would suggest you try it for yourself to make the judgement call (read some of the other reviews--it gets raves!). I can't find it either in the stores, but it's because everyone buys it off the shelf! Only a few stores carry the chili right now--Kroger and Publix are the only two I can find it in. It's also very filling! ...only downside is if you get reflux, this will irritate it a little because it is SPICEY!
Lelly3227 days ago
I love Boca Chili for what it is! It's certainly no comparison to making your own home-made vegan chili, but for a frozen meal... it's great. (But yes, it is very spicy.)

I think what I love about is that it's not packed with sodium and while they do trick you with the bubble, the portion size is definitely enough to fill you up.

I always eat this with one slice of whole grain bread on the side to tame down the spice and make a nice, portion controlled meal.
Kathy3205 days ago
I love this chili but am disappointed that you don't get a full bowl...due to the "bubble" in the middle. I sprinkle organic cheese on the top and it's simply delicious.
Leah3203 days ago
I was very disappointed when I read the ingredients list of this product. It contains hydrolyzed soy and corn protein. hydrolyzed soy protein can also take the name "MSG", and that totally blew it for me.
Shelby3163 days ago
I found this at the dollar store so only wasted a buck on it. I agree that it was absolutely terrible, and I love vegetarian chili as well as most of Boca's products. I have not seen it anywhere else since.
Monica3063 days ago
I loved Boca chili and am very disappointed that I can no longer find it. At least now I know why since it seems I in the minority.
Loler2659 days ago
Aha, anyone who buys this more than once OBVIOUSLY can't cook. What a joke.
Tracy2640 days ago
I really enjoy Boca's chili. I find the portion to be more than enough for one meal. And the dip in the middle is for heating purposes so you don't overcook the outside and the middle is still frozen. Not to cheat you out of thier chili.
trina kirkpatrick2607 days ago
Can you please tell where the boca chili can be found in the Opelousas or Lafayette Louisiana area. I have an aunt who is vegan that has moved in with my mom and I so I would like to find this product. This is one of the few items out there that she truly enjoys.

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