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Posted on Jul 6th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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Clear your mind of all preconceived notions of the laws of microwaved food. Boca has released a sandwich that breaks a few biggies with their Boca in a Bun - Chik'n & Swiss sandwiches.

1. Does the company recommend microwaving it? Yes.

2. Does this sandwich involve microwaving bread? Yes.

3. Is this sandwich breaded? Yes.

4. Does Boca somehow get past all three of these hurdles to create a tasty microwaved sandwich that is warm in the middle and still has edible bread? Shockingly, yes.

Before cooking (i.e. frozen):

After cooking:

Yes, the bun tastes as good as it looks:

I don't know how Boca did it, but they've created a breaded sandwich with a bun that comes out of the microwave as if you cooked a patty, added a slice of cheese, and put it on a whole wheat bun. In fact, the bun on this sandwich is better than a lot of whole wheat buns I've purchased in a store.

Even the alt-chicken patty was pretty good. I would continue to buy these as a convenience food, but, unfortunately, the premium you pay for the convenience of having the bun and cheese included is a bit too much for me. You pay the usual $4/box for these sandwiches, but you only get two sandwiches instead of the usual four patties. I'll stick with the boxes of four plain chik'n patties and spend the extra 30 seconds to get a bun and a slice of cheese out of the fridge.

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Sensible 13097 days ago
Good to have in case you need to micro something quick before you head out the door. Bring a bag of veggie stix and a natural soda with you, and you have a great fast-food alternative to the McD's and Burger Kings you see everywhere!!

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