MorningStar's Mushroom Lover's Burgers are definitely for mushroom lovers only

Posted on Apr 4th, 2008 by Jamie • 

It was with trepidation that I reviewed Gardenburger's Portabella Burgers last week, because I am not a fan of mushrooms. But I ended up actually loving them, which was a surprise to say the least. So I was almost looking forward to reviewing MorningStar's Mushroom Lover's Burgers, thinking that I may actually be starting to like mushrooms. Eating one of these patties jolted me back to reality.

Gardenburger may say that their Portabella is "the shroomiest burger off the shelf," but they have nothing, and I mean nothing, on the MorningStar's Mushroom Lover's burgers. These burgers taste like friggin' mushrooms. Having spent my life avoiding mushrooms, I didn't find eating this alt-burger very pleasurable. But if you're a fungal fanatic, you'll probably be in heaven.

The hardest part about this review is reviewing it as if I like mushrooms. I mean, who wants to read a review about a mushroom burger written by a guy who doesn't like mushrooms? So it is as my mushroom-loving alter-ego, Finneus Fungal III, that I will review these shroom patties and give them 4 stars.

To sum up the review: If you're not a mushroom lover, stay away from these. If you love mushrooms, run out and get a box.

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alanilin1639 days ago
Well you ruined it with that bread...
alanilin1639 days ago
Well you ruined it with that bread...
Ann Martin 317 days ago
Please tell me where to buy them

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