Wildwood's Original Tofu-Veggie Burgers

Posted on Mar 28th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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Wildwood's Original Tofu-Veggie Burgers are impressive in size, and they are rare in that they don't come frozen. Sadly, both of these distinctions do nothing to overcome the fact that these are pretty boring alt-burgers.

The Tofu-Veggie Burgers are considerably bigger than your average patty. Most alt-meat boxes come with four 2.25-2.5 oz. patties. The Tofu-Veggie patties are an impressive 3.25 oz. each. That's a full 30-44% bigger. Unfortunately, patty size doesn't affect taste. In the case of these patties, it's just 44% more blandness.

The taste, texture, and appearance of these patties reminded me a lot of quiche. But what makes quiche good is what you put in the quiche. Without tasty ingredients, you're left with just watered-down eggs, which is not very appetizing. It was pretty much the same with the Tofu-Veggie Burgers. The main ingredients in the Tofu-Veggie Burgers - yellow onion, carrot, kale, and garlic powder - did nothing to help save the taste. At least I was full after eating one of the patties, I guess.

I will definitely try Wildwood's other Tofu-Veggie Burgers, but I just hope they have more taste than the Original.

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R. Umali3548 days ago
Thanks for the review. I wonder what the shelf-life is for these burgers. Also, can you post what chip you eat with your burgers?

Trinity3490 days ago
I loved these, original and Southwest. Maybe if you put them between lots of bread you should add mustard and onions and tomatoes or whatever you put on a regular burger..two pieces of bread can overwhelm lots of sandwich ingredients. But I have these "burgers" with veggies and/or salad and they're perfect. Much lighter than other soy burgers (made of tofu, not soy or wheat flour) but more substantial and veggie-only patties (like Dr. Praeger). Perfect, IMHO, and one does fill you up. Tasty, well balanced, low in carbs and cals and fat and things you should go easy on.
Trinity3490 days ago
PS no I don't work for the company; I just found them in the health food story last week and was totally blown away.
Ellen3461 days ago
I just had the shitake tofu-veggie burger and thought it was delicious. I'm new at becoming vegetarian and I thought it had an eggy flavor that I enjoyed. Dairy Free/Gluten Free...I found them in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods.
Larry Baker3460 days ago
Where can I purchase your burgers? I live in the 95377 zip
Jamie Tibbetts3460 days ago
The only place I've seen Wildwood burgers is Trader Joe's.
fee2970 days ago
I've read before that they are bland but I just don't taste that! Maybe it's because I haven't had that many soy burgers but I LOVED these! I ate it with some tomatoes and spinach and it was delicious.
Carolyn2318 days ago
These veggie burgers are amazing! They're the best ones I've tried, and I've tried a lot of them. I buy them in quantity and freeze them. My husband is not vegetarian and he loves them also. Our preferred cooking method is to heat them ("pan-fry") in a skillet vs. microwaving. They're so moist you don't need to use any oil. Put them on a toasted roll with your favorite condiments and enjoy!!
Bayinde2019 days ago
Try these inside a roasted portabello, and top with avocado, tomato and red onion and you can drizzle with a little olive oil...you will fall in love!
June 1740 days ago
My husband and I love these burgers. We have been vegan since 1994 and have tried a lot of veggi food. These burgers are one of our all time favorites. We live in a small farming town in the south and have a hard time finding them so we buy by the case when we can.
Ida1227 days ago
The veggie burger are delicious and very moisture, I
agree that the best way to heat them is in a skillet on both side for about two to three minute just enough to heat inside and out. I love them the first time I tasted it. not a vegetarian but love vegetable.
KLS1058 days ago
I love these burgers. I can eat them plain, even cold. The one drawback is, I find them to be very greasy...excessively so. I microwave them between paper towels and squeeze the heck out of them. When I do est them with a bun, my favorite is to add Vegenaise and Sriracha sauce. Yum!
KIM554 days ago
These are the best veggie burgers I have ever had!!! My whole family loves them. We grill them, cook in nuwave oven. Put on fold-it bread, or with veggies. They are delicious!!!

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