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Posted on Feb 28th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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It was duty alone that compelled me to pick up a box of Gardenburger's Portabella veggie burgers, because I am not a fan of mushrooms. I don't have anything against my fungal friends, I'm just fairly indifferent when it comes to their taste and texture.

On their site, Gardenburger had this to say about the Portabella:

"A savory whole grain burger made from fine portabella mushrooms with mozzarella cheese, wild rice, fresh onions and rolled oats. The shroomiest burger off the shelf."

I love that first sentence. That second sentence makes me nervous.

No one was happier than I was, however, when I actually cooked up one of these alt-burgers. I fried one up in a pan with some onions, and just slapped both on a bun. It was one of the best veggie burgers I've had so far. They didn't taste "shroomy" at all. Just damn tasty.

The Portabella tastes very similar to Gardenburger's California burger but with a more "meaty" flavor due to the shrooms. I'm actually starting to think I would enjoy any alt-burger that had rice, oats, and onions as main ingredients. Every veggie burger I've had so far with "The Trinity" has been very good.

I will definitely continue to pick up boxes of these when I'm at the store.

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Aries Dobbs2628 days ago
Oh, yum yum. These are my faves, all around.

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