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Posted on Feb 6th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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It's no secret that I don't like Boca burgers, but I do like the fact that they've released an entire line of organic products. If I'm forced to eat mediocre alt-burgers, at least let them be organic. And so it is with a resigned sigh that I report that the ridiculously-named All American Classic Burger is no different.

Not to get off topic, but what kind of a name is "All American Classic Burger" anyway? Does Boca have an "All Australian" burger? And if they do, can it be also classified as "classic?" Who knows - maybe they even have an "All Irish Postmodern Burger." Ok, enough ranting - back to the burger.

The AACB has the standard fake grilled smokey flavor that is common among alt-burgers, but the patty does differ slightly in taste and texture. The taste and texture hint of a bean paste, despite not having any legumes as ingredients. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but nor did it offer any benefit.

Overall, I was happy to know I was eating organic, but the taste would keep me from rushing out to buy more of these ultra-patriotic alt-burgers.

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Andrew3600 days ago
I'm sure the auxiliary "All American" prefix is an attempt to pierce the meat-eatin' redneck market.
Mr. Holipsism2730 days ago

With all due respect, you must be high. Not only is the All American Boca Burger good but it is THE BEST vegetarian burger (store bought) on the market. Maybe you are a straight vegan so your opinion might be biased in the same sense mine is. So, I'm not saying I don't understand where you are coming from. Why replace chicken and pork and meat when you can just eat vegetables? I get it. BUT...A hamburger and french fries (ignore the irony) is considered a staple of the "AMERICAN" diet. So, if you are going to eat a hamburger it should taste like a hamburger and this product excels in that department better than any I've tested.

Keep in mind, I try to limit my soy intake as much as possible and do not purchase soy based products as a general rule. I also don't eat hamburgers consistently, but...this burger with some Butternut squash fries and a spelt or quinoa burger bun on an occasion satisfies my jones!


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