MorningStar's Philly Cheese Steak burgers

Posted on Feb 6th, 2008 by Jamie • 

I didn't think there was any way that MorningStar could make an alt-philly, but I'll be damned if they didn't do a pretty good job. These patties actually taste kinda like real Philly cheese steaks.

MorningStar could have just taken one of their alt-beef patties, thrown in some green pepper and onion chunks and called it a "Philly chease steak" patty, but these patties do taste distinctly different than the Grillers.

These patties do require a little bit of extra time to prepare. They taste much better fried than they do microwaved. They produce a nice crispy crust that brings the taste a little bit closer to a real Philly cheese steak. And you can't exactly put ketchup and mustard on them (I tried - not a smart idea, FYI) so I had to fry up some onions. What's a Philly without grilled onions? Not a Philly, that's for sure. I soaked the top of the bun in the left-over oil from the frying pan and added a little cheese to the top.

I could almost imagine I was eating a real Philly cheese steak...almost.

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Kelly3594 days ago
I really loved this sandwich, but most likely because of the grilled onions on top.
violette3419 days ago
definitely agreed. my favorite veggie burger!

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