Yves Meatless Smoked Chicken

Posted on Feb 4th, 2008 by Jamie • 
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While these alt-deli slices don't taste exactly like chicken, I did enjoy the taste of them. They have a great blend of spices, and the texture is pretty good. Combined with a slice of alt-cheese (Galaxy Nutritional Foods' Pepper Jack Cheese), some Smart Bacon, and some iceburg, it was quite an enjoyable sandwich.

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violette3419 days ago
yves is my favorite veggie company - try their pepperoni, salami, and hot dogs: anything with spices they do fantastically
JoJo2924 days ago
Won't ever buy Yves again. I ate there pepperoni substitute and it was absolutely disgusting.!
autumn2326 days ago
in a reply to JoJo, I bought the pepperoni and it was absolutely amazing, better than REAL pepperoni. I made a home made pizza with half of them and used the other half on sandwiches. just to not scare anyone away from yves, they make better deli 'meats' than tofurky. (sorry tofurky gods) lol.
brandy2096 days ago
i'm curious what you think of their hotdogs.... honestly they were the most tasteless hotdogs i've ever had.... scared me from trying the rest of the brand's line of products.

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