MorningStar's Garden Veggie Patties

Posted on Jan 14th, 2008 by Jamie • 

I didn't think I was going to like MorningStar's Garden Veggie Patties after looking at the ingredients and the picture on the box, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The patties further cemented my opinion that brown rice-based alt-burgers are the way to go if you're making a veggie-oriented alt-burger. The rice offers a nice glue to hold the patty together, and it provides a good texture and taste. The best example of a brown rice alt-burger is Gardenburger's California Burger.

The Garden Veggie Patties suffered only from the veggies they chose to include in "chunk" form in the burger. I'm not a huge fan of bell peppers, and these burgers had conspicious chunks of them. If you're a bell pepper fan, this may be a plus, but for me it wasn't. MorningStar also included mushrooms and black olives in the patties. I don't mind mushrooms, but black olives are less than pleasant to me to say the least. If I was locked in a room with only olives for sustenance, I would expire...quickly. And while I couldn't tell from one bite to the next if I was eating an olive chunk, just the thought of potentially eating one caused me some discomfort.

Overall, these tasted good - anchored by the brown rice. I would get these again, but only if they were being offered at an attractive sale price.

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Igneous3057 days ago
I love the way that these taste, surprised to see them rated at only three stars. Pretty much every trip to the supermarket, I make sure to grab a box of these.. perfect for nights where I come home and want something quick and tasty.

I honestly don't like many alt-beef products.. they seem to develop an odd underlying taste after a few bites, however these don't. But then again, they also don't try too hard to mimic a beefy flavor. It actually tastes like the main ingredient is some kind of bean -- either way, really delicious.. I believe that's why burger king uses them in their veggie burgers.

Anyway, I really suggest them to anyone who hasn't given them a shot.

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