MorningStar's Vegan Grillers

Posted on Nov 27th, 2007 by Jamie • 

MorningStar's Vegan Grillers are their vegan alternative to their excellent Original Grillers. Does the removal of dairy products hurt the taste? Unfortunately, yes.

The Vegan Grillers taste very similar to a mediocre non-vegan alt-burger, which is to say, fairly uninspiring. They suffer from the all-too-common "fake burger" taste. But they are vegan, so I'll give them an extra star. ;)

I wouldn't get these again for myself, but if I had vegan guests coming over, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a box.

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vegantyrant3558 days ago
someone better start reading lables, i mean dig deep and find every single detail.

boca is not vegan, morningstar isn't either, many processed "vegan" treats aren't.

surprise, surprise, surprise.

ask phillip morris about that one.
JoJo2924 days ago
I am allergic to eggs so I am forced to buy mostly dairy-free alternatives. This to me, is one of the best. I dress it up just like any other flesh-burger.!
Lillian 1124 days ago
I liked them very much and they had only 2.5 fat grams total...and were tasty to me.

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