MorningStar's Cheddar Burger = the Holy Grail

Posted on Aug 2nd, 2007 by Jamie • 

MorningStar has developed the holy grail of alt-meat products with the Cheddar Griller. It reminds your taste buds of what it was like to eat a real burger but conversely makes you forget you ever liked real burgers. I don't miss beef at all when I'm eating one of these. With a little less self-control, this blog would come to a screeching halt, because I could easily just eat one of these every day and be fully content.

MorningStar, with their alt-burgers, is leaps-and-bounds above the other alt-meat companies. Add in little mystery pockets of cheddar cheese, and you've got one hell of an alt-burger.

This burger is great microwaved. Pop it in for 1:30, slap another piece of cheese on top (you can never have too much cheese), and you're good to go.

Tags: burger


andrew3788 days ago
dats alotta cheeeese! def the next one i'm trying.
Vero3673 days ago
This definitely sounds like a great burger... Gonna try and buy some soon!
:)3097 days ago
Ok, ya convinced me. It's on the next shopping list, lol.
KB3051 days ago
It's too bad these were discontinued. Hands down, the best veggie burger I've ever eaten. Nothing else has ever come close.

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