MorningStar's Veggie Corn Dogs

Posted on Sep 12th, 2007 by Jamie • 

I don't know too many people that eat corn dogs on a regular basis, and I couldn't even remember the last time I had had one when I came across MorningStar's Veggie Corn Dogs at the supermarket. But they seemed enticing enough, so I picked up a box.

The alt-corn dog is a pretty good idea. The lure of corn dogs is the sweet corn breading not the dog itself, so the alt-dog inside is under a lot less scrutiny than if it was all by itself. For that reason, these were pretty tasty. The alt-dog inside was not bad, but the breading turned out great even after microwaving. I actually preferred them microwaved rather than baked.

My only gripe about them is their size. They're no smaller than an alt-burger, but alt-burgers gain heft from the condiments and bun. These alt-dogs remain naked, alone, and kinda small. If you only cook one, you're probably going to end up rummaging through the pantry for more food after you're done eating. So unless you're only in the mood for a snack, you'll have to cook two at a time. They only come four to a box, so that makes these prohibitively expensive in my book.

I liked the taste but didn't like the price, so I'd definitely get these again, but only if they're on sale.

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Carolyn P.3097 days ago
I tried these after reading this review page a few weeks ago. I am SO happy with them!! No, they are not like what you would get at a carnival (Greasy, fattening, artery clogging and of course, made out of animal), but they are pretty close in taste, especially if you cook them in the oven rather than a microwave. Add some mustard and you're good to go!
Alexy3039 days ago
I remember when I became a vegetarian in the mid 1990s these were one of my first experiences with fake meat (that and their fake chicken nuggets). I thought my mom was lying to me, trying to get me to eat meat. Still love them.
Unknown3021 days ago
Can't find them inthe stores
J2398 days ago
I tried these after randomly craving corn dogs one day and thought they were a very worthy substitute. They taste pretty great, but I was also disappointed there were only 4 per box.

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