Veggie Patch's Chick'n Cutlets

Posted on Aug 25th, 2007 by Jamie • 
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The Chick'n Cutlets were my introduction to Veggie Patch foods. I was excited to try out a new brand of alt-meat (or alt-poultry in this case), but, unfortunately, everything about the Veggie Patch Chick'n Cutlets was sub-par.

The breading is pretty bland and the alt-chick'n itself was fairly tasteless. Even the packaging for the cutlets was ill-conceved.

The four patties come in a plastic tray with two wells, with two patties in each well. When you pull back the plastic on top, it exposes all four patties. So that means you either have to eat all of them quickly before freezer burn sets in, or you have to dump the packaging they came in and use your own.

From looking at the Veggie Patch website, it looks like they have a full line of alt-products. I just hope the rest of their items are better than their Chick'n Cutlets, because I will not be purchasing them again.

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JoAnne2534 days ago
I'm thinking that the product must have changed in 4 years. To me, it tastes like a chicken cutlet without that awful greasy aftertaste. With a slice of melted Veggie Slices pepper jack cheese, it makes for a great sandwich!
shelley710 days ago

Is veggie patch out of business save on foods and safeway no longer carry them. we love them if still sold where can we buy in Vancouver, b.c.

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