MorningStar's Original Grillers

Posted on Aug 7th, 2007 by Jamie • 

MorningStar once again proves why they're the top dog when it comes to alt-burgers. Their Original Grillers are top notch. They look just like real burgers, the texture is just like real beef, and they even taste pretty darn close to real burgers.

This is a 5 star alt-burger and is only out-done by its brother, the Cheddar Burger.

And, as with all MorningStar alt-burgers, these are great microwaved. Just pop one in for 1:30, and you're good to go.

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Andrew3769 days ago
i've had the morningstar grillers prime, but not the originals here. and i have heard from others who preferred these original grillers to the grillers prime. i will have to investigate...
Jim Anderews3715 days ago
Where do I buy Morning Star Grillers Vegan burgers in Phoenix, AZ. Trader Joe's (Metro Center) used to carry them, but no longer has them. Thank you.
Jamie Tibbetts3714 days ago
You can get them just about anywhere. You can even get them at Super Target.
carlos walls2685 days ago
As someone who suffers with high cholesterol,high blood pressure I'm trying to change my eating habits.But love ones keep insisting i can have certain things once in awhile.I have a tendency to continue to eat badly when this happens.I'm still not sure about the flavor and taste of Morning Star grillers.
Fonz2042 days ago
They don't have much flavor but i put some A1 steak sauce on them when i made my burger with light mozarella cheese & they are certainly edible.
Using the cheddar or american cheese with mayo off sets any dieting because they are fattening.
Sandra Herron440 days ago
I can no longer find original grillers in the 92845 area, Help!

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